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Ray Bourque came to be known as one of the greatest defensemen in the NHL throughout his career. He started this whirlwind in Boston, where he was drafted in 1979. Almost thirty years later, players are still compared to him and his style of play is still largely recognized as first belonging to Bourque. When Bourque was first drafted to the Boston Bruins, he was assigned the number of 7 to wear on his jersey. This was in honor of Phil Esposito, who once wore the number while he played for the club. Years later, when the Boston Bruins decided to retire the number seven as Esposito’s number, Bourque switched his jersey number from 7 to 77. He would appear on the ice in his number 7 jersey, only to remove it and show a jersey with the 77 displayed, signifying that he had allowed his own number to be retired. This perhaps makes Ray Bourque’s rookie card, in which he’s seen wearing the#7 on his Boston Bruins jersey, even more valuable.

The Ray Bourque rookie card is am authentic O-Pee-Chee card from 1980-81, # 140, and shows Bourque hunched over in traditional NHL player mode with his stick while in full uniform on the ice. A banner displaying the word “Bruins” meets up with a puck on the bottom of the card. The lower portion of the puck is highlighted in pink with his position clearly marked as “Defense.” On the top of the card is a scratch-off area where, if scratched, Ray Bourque’s name will clearly be revealed.

The back of the card reveals some of Ray Bourque’s most vital player stats as well as some key facts about the player. From it we learn that Ray Bourque stood at 5’11”; weighed in at 197 pounds; and was a left-hand shooter. He was born on December 28, 1960 and called Montreal, Quebec, Canada his home. The back of Ray Bourque’s rookie card also states that he was acquired by Boston through the NHL Acquisition Draft and that he’s not only “an excellent puck-handler and strong skater.” The back also states that Bourque is full of potential. If they only knew!

A quick search on the Internet will tell you that the book value of the Ray Bourque rookie is totalled at approximately $120, assuming that the card is in mint condition. However, even a card that is in excellent mint condition and with no scratches can be found on sites such as eBay for approximately $80 USD.

1980-81 OPC #140 Ray Bourque Rookie Card

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