The most expensive television ever


What is the most expensive television in the world?

The most expensive television set is the “Yalos Diamond” TV.

It happens to be studded with 160 real diamonds weighing a glittery 20 carats.

This remarkable LCD television went on display at the IFA in Berlin beginning September 6, 2006.

If you really get a hankering to purchase one exactly like it then you had better be ready to shell out a whopping $130,000.

Deal or no deal?

The Yalos Diamond TV

UPDATE: March 26, 2010

Sure, your TV is valuable to you but just how valuable is it? Unless you’ve paid big bucks to pay for the television that’s been designed by Stuart Hughes, it’s not the most valuable in the world. So what did Hughes put into this television that makes it so valuable?

The Stuart Hughes’ Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition starts with a 55-inch PrestigeHD television that’s powered by Metz. Then he covered the console with 18 carats of rose gold, and it took a lot of that gold to cover it entirely – 28 kilograms in fact! But you’d expect the most expensive television to have more than just gold on it. And that’s why it’s also encrusted with 72 flawless diamonds, 1 carat each and all in a round cut, the priciest of the cuts when it comes to any diamond because it’s this cut that allows each diamond to give the most brilliant sparkle possible. Imagine how much shine you get when you put 72 of them side by side!

And to top off the most expensive television, it also has genuine alligator skin that has not only been placed along the bezel of the television; it’s been hand-sewn into it! And what will this most expensive television cost you? A cool $2.26 million USD! But if you can’t afford that, you may be happy to know that Stuart Hughes also has a Supreme Rose Edition. This one features only 19 kilograms of rose gold and only 48 round cut diamonds that come at only .75 carats apiece. This less costly edition comes at the bargain basement price of $1.5 million USD.

The Stuart Hughes’ Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition

The most expensive television ever

The most expensive television ever

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