The most expensive Sake ever


What is the most expensive sake in the world?

While Americans think of sake a specific type of very strong, alcoholic Japanese drink, the Japanese actually refer to any kind of alcohol as sake. Americans however have turned this specific drink into a passion and there are some individuals that are always striving to come up with the newest and finest-tasting sake. Sake, as referred to by Americans, is a rice wine and involves a process of polishing the rice so that areas of the grain that are undesirable are discarded. There are three premium sakes that involve this processing of the rice: junmai, ginjo, and the most expensive of the three – dai gingo. Makign dai gingo sake is an extremely detailed process as the rice is polished down to just fifty percent of its original size!

However, the process is only as good as the rice itself and so, choosing the perfect kind of rice is just as important. Most rice that is used to make sake is a mixture of different types of rice. However, the finest sake uses Kame no O, which is a pure strain of rice that was discovered in Amarune, Yamagata Prefecture over a century ago. One instantly knows when they are drinking this rice because its unique flavor surpasses all others and people crave this wonderful sake so much that it was actually the main incentive for having the Amarune 2001 summit in this area and the rice has even had a song created for it! How many grains can say that?

It comes as no surprise that the most expensive sake in the world would use only the finest ingredients and an extremely articulate process to come up with the very best tasting sake in perhaps the entire world! And to make it even more appropriate, the sake is being sold by the first store to proclaim itself as the first store dedicated to this wonderful Japanese Drink. The store is TrueSake and Kame no O is the name of the sake. It is manufactured by Wataribune. Being a dai gingo sake, it is available for $500 and for that you get a whopping 720 ml!

World's Most Expensive Sake

The world's most expensive Sake ever

The most expensive Sake ever

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