The most expensive Broadway Musical ever



What was the most expensive Broadway musical in the world?

They say that there’s no feeling like being witness to a Broadway musical and that may be because of the aroma of popcorn, there’s the tinkering of those tiny binoculars or because the people on the stage are actually on stage with vibrant costumes and brilliant, crystal-clear voices that seem to be singing just to you. There’s no doubt that putting on such a production like a Broadway musical is expensive, beginning with the famous actors that are played to portray parts, the hours and hours that are spent not only on seamstresses but on the countless stitches that they personally oversee and sew. Add to that all the other small details such as special effects, props, lighting, and promotion and it’s easy to see how these musicals often climb into the million-dollar bracket within the budget. But with all of the productions that Broadway puts on every year, which has made the history books as the most expensive Broadway musical to ever be produced? The good news is that if you still want to see it, you can as it won’t be released until 2009. The bad news is that ticket prices are likely to be astronomical as, what is sure to be the hit musical, Spider-Man: The Musical, cost over $40 million dollars to produce.

Julie Taymor, who is familiar with directing both on-stage and in film, was also the director partly responsible for the smashing success of the Broadway production The Lion King in 1997. She also directed the film Titus in 1999 and in 2007 directed Across the Universe. Another factor that contributed to the hefty $40 million budget for the production is the fact that U2’s Bono and The Edge will also be scoring the production, adding millions in that alone. And although you may be tempted to fork over a week’s salary just to get tickets, don’t overpay by being too eager. You’ll likely have lots of time to see this musical as the New York Post stated that it would take the show ‘about 8,000’ years in order to just break even! Plenty of time to start saving!

The world's most expensive Broadway Musical ever

The most expensive Broadway Musical ever

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