The most expensive Vacations ever


What are the most expensive vacations in the world?

If how much money you will spend is playing a large factor in where you will vacation this year, you may have to end up flipping a coin as there are actually two different vacations that are vying for that top spot. Both of these vacations come in a neat little package and both cost a mere $1 million American dollars.

The first package is a Leading Hotels of the World tour and is called “Around the World in 80 Ways,” which comes in time for the Academy Awards 80th annual show as well as Lead’s 80th anniversary. With this package, two guests will enjoy a 28-night journey where they will travel via private jet to 12 of the world’s best destinations, all beginning in London and ending in New York City. Guests will stay in some of the world’s most famous hotels and will also enjoy things such as the hot air balloon ride in Dubai and the traditional tea ceremony that they will be able to partake in during their stay in Tokyo.

However, Dubai got wind of the fact that someone else was doing something pricey and creative and so they had to have their hand in it as well. In true Dubai fashion, they have created a very unique package that with the spa treatments and the number of services available, not only feels relaxing and amazing but truly must be good for you! In this package guests will stay at the Emirate’s Palace for a seven-day, all-inclusive stay where they will be treated with, among other things, daily spa treatments and other luxuries at their fingertips! During those seven days, guests will be flown to Iran via private jet so that they can get a Persian rug that has been custom-made to their specifications. Continuing on to the Dead Sea Jordan, the guest will then experience more luxurious spa treatments with some of the finest water and minerals in the world and then travelling to Bahrain for some deep-sea diving.

They do both cost $1 million but looking at the real value, the stay at Emirate’s Palace is approximately $142,000 per day compared to Lead’s measly $35,000 a day value, making Emirate’s Palace the actual most expensive vacation in the world. Both companies offering the packages however have stated they will be donating a portion of the generous profits to charity.

The world's most expensive Vacations ever

The most expensive Vacations ever

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