The most expensive Car Insurance ever



What is the most expensive car insurance in the world?

With a struggling global economy people are forever looking on ways to cut back on their daily expenses and while there are many ways to save with your car, such as carpooling, one thing that every car owner must have that cannot be avoided is car insurance. Some consumers complain that their insurance premiums are astronomical but considering how expensive it is in some areas, they may be quite content to keep paying what they are. In the United States, people may automatically assume that New York City would be the most expensive place for auto insurance but in fact, it comes in third with a $1,122 average premium for most drivers. Washington, D.C., another very expensive city, wasn’t too much ahead of them to get rated as the second most expensive city in the United States for car insurance with an average premium of $1,182 for most drivers. It’s actually in New Jersey where drivers will be paying the heftiest price, with most drivers paying an average premium of $1,184.

However, New Jersey is still not the most expensive place in the world to buy car insurance. That title belongs to an old English neighborhood called Islington, where the former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair once lived. Here drivers can expect to pay approximately 748 pounds per month for car insurance, which is about $1,500 in American dollars. The reason fro the high price tag of auto insurance here is because this wealthy neighborhood is known to have a rate of car theft which is 2.5 times larger than England’s entire national average!

But everyone knows that it’s not only where you live that determines what your auto insurance premiums will be. One other main factor is the type of car you drive. The Dodge Ram pickup truck is known to bring in the highest car insurance premiums for their drivers due to the fact that they are highly susceptible to not only damage to the vehicle but also bodily damage to passengers inside the vehicle. With the danger rate and the high cost of insurance, there’s got to be other pickups out there!

The world's most expensive Car Insurance ever

The most expensive Car Insurance ever

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