The most expensive Airport ever


What is the most expensive airport in the world?

Airports today are far more than just places to catch a flight or connect to one. These vast structures today take up acres and acres of land and within them you can find not only passenger gates and check-in areas but restaurants, spas, gyms, and just about any other amenity you could hope to find in some of the nicest hotels around the world! The degree of luxury and number of features of course varies from airport to airport but it’s no secret that some of these traveler-friendly places have gone the extra mile both in providing amenities and with just having the space and the capacity to fly such a huge amount of people to all four corners of the world. And because they’re such grand spaces, they are also expensive places. So just what is the most expensive airport in the world?

Because of the $20 billion dollars it cost to construct, the Hong Kong International Airport, located in Hong Kong, was the most expensive airport to ever be built. In addition to this title, which landed this magnificent air space in the Guinness Book of World Records, it is also the world’s busiest airport with 47 million passengers in 2007 alone. But the HKIA will only enjoy the title of world’s most expensive airport for a limited time.

Put the words ‘most expensive’ before anything and you’ll soon find that the city of Dubai is itching to get their hands on it to top whatever it is and make it bigger and better. The world’s most expensive airport is no different. Dubai is currently in the planning stages of creating the world’s most expensive airport which when completed, will have an unbelievable number of features including: an airfield that has the capacity to fit the world’s largest jumbo-jets, hotels of course, shopping malls, two 18-hole golf courses, and an entire residential city where 750,000 people will be able to call home. Talk about taking the phrase ‘living at the airport’ to a whole new meaning! The project is to be called the Dubai World Center International and is estimated to cost a whopping $33 billion. However, until the year 2017, Hong Kong International has nothing to worry about as it’s not until then that DWCI is expected to open.

Hong Kong International Airport

The world's most expensive Airport ever

The most expensive Airport ever

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