The most expensive baby crib ever


What is the most expensive baby crib in the world?

If you want only the best for your baby, then there are certainly lots of items on the market that will help you shower your baby with all the luxuries that they deserve. But the one item you are probably willing to spend the most money on is the baby crib. After all, a good night’s sleep for baby means a good night’s sleep for you too, right? But just how much are you willing to spend on a crib? Here are some of the most expensive cribs in the world.

We’ll start with the most expensive baby crib that’s currently on the market. This crib is named the Corsican Cinderella Carriage and it looks just like the carriage in the fairy tale did, with big rounded sides and wheels to make it look like an actual carriage! There are few features that come with this crib other than its beautiful design elements. But it does come in six different colors. You would hope so for $3,749, which is the current retail market of this crib.

Falling just underneath the Cinderella Carriage is the Camelot Crib. The Camelot Crib is made from solid hardwood and features a draping pink canopy for the little princess to sleep under. And to top it all off, the entire crib is hand painted in beautiful garden colors. This crib does come with a few features. One side has a single-drop function, so it’s easier to get baby out of bed, and the height on the mattress is also adjustable. And it comes at a slightly lower price than the Cinderella Carriage crib. The Camelot Crib costs $3,650.

But neither of these comes close to the most expensive crib in the world. And while this one might not be as pretty, it definitely is much fancier than either of the other two! The Intellicot is guaranteed to have everything that you could ever want in a baby’s crib. This crib will do just about everything for you with an automatic rocking system, a mattress that raises electronically so you don’t need to strain your back, a fan to keep baby cool, a soft nightlight, and a video monitoring system. Sound like everything you want for your baby’s crib? Unfortunately, we won’t be able to tell you how much it will cost. The Intellicot is still being developed and there is no pricing currently available. But there’s no doubt that once the Intellicot hits the market, it’s going to be the most expensive baby crib on the market!

The Intellicot

The world's most expensive baby crib ever

The most expensive baby crib ever