The most expensive bath ever


What is the most expensive bath in the world?

Yes, we’ve already told you about the world’s most expensive bathtub, made by Kohler’s but now that you’re soaking in the luxurious copper bathtub that costs a year’s salary or two, don’t you want something just as luxurious to put in it? Of course you do! That’s why we bring you the world’s most expensive bath.

The world’s most expensive bath comes from ME! Bath and the fact that it’s shaped like an ice cream cone is just the first thing you’ll love about it! And if you thought this scrumptious looking bath product line only came with some salts and oils, you couldn’t be more wrong. It starts with water – that’s right, actual water. But it’s definitely not the kind that comes out of your tap. This water has been taken from the deep sea of Hawaii and has been desalinated before it is mixed with water that comes from the polar ice caps. And while that would probably be worth the cost of this pricey bath, there’s even more!

Honey is included with the bath and of course, this is only the best too. The honey is rich in antioxidants and comes from the Hadramaut Mountains of the Southwestern Arabian Peninsula. The pink salt that’s found in the cone however, comes from Peru. Also inside is illipe butter that has been taken from Bornean nuts, all by hand! This butter is known to substantially increase the elasticity of the skin. There’s also jojoba oil included that will make the skin soft and supple and kokum butter, just full of fatty acids, to make the skin even softer. And, just to make you feel as though you’re truly bathing in luxury, ME! Bath also comes wrapped up in 24 karat gold. And while you’re enjoying all of this grandeur, you’ll also be surrounded with the wonderful scents of white grapefruit, lotus flower, passion fruit, incense and sycamore wood.

The Ritz Carleton Aspen Highland hotel, The Four Seasons Maui, and The Beverly Wilshire are just a few of the hotels and resorts that carry this decadent bath but of course, it’s also available to be purchased for enjoyment in your own home. Either way, it’ll cost you $50,000 or more, but you can relax in your luxury knowing that a large amount of that money goes towards the Water for People charity, which provides clean drinking water to people in third world countries. But even with the donation to charity, you’ll still not only need to pony up the cash, but also give the retailer you’re ordering it from plenty of notice. As you could guess, ME! Bath takes many weeks to prepare.

The ME! Bath

The world's most expensive bath ever

The most expensive bath ever