The most expensive scooter ever


What is the most expensive scooter in the world?

Scooters can be wonderful little toys for those who like the feel of a motorcycle underneath them but don’t need the full horsepower of a bike, and who also like the feel of things that are a bit more compact. There was one scooter however that looked to transform the world of travel and give those who didn’t want to drive a motorcycle another option. That scooter was, and still is, known as the Vespa. But the creators of the Vespa eventually expanded on their design to create the Vespa SS90. With the Vespa SS90 Super Sprint, the designers hoped to elaborate even further on their original design, expecting the world to jump onto this newest invention. Unfortunately, that was a goal that it did not accomplish. However, this scooter did manage to do one thing – claim the title of the most expensive scooter in the world. And if you’ve thought this entire time that we were talking about the famous Vespa, you’d be right!

The Vespa was designed by Piaggio & Co., who at the time, wanted to get away from manufacturing aeronautics and focus on personal travel needs. The scooter was thought to be the perfect answer to all the roads in post-war Italy that had been churned up and damaged after World War II. And because other motorcycles, such as the Cushman, had done so well, Piaggio & Co. wanted to create something that would make their own mark on the biking world.

The creators of the Vespa made sure to include many features that would make it more unique and more attractive to buyers. There was a shield in front that would keep the driver clean and dry, and there was a step-through put in right underneath the handlebars at the front. This was so that women wearing long skirts would also be able to enjoy a ride on this wonderful scooter. The transmission was built with an internal mesh system, so there was no need for exterior chains and it also had a front fork design, which made it easy to change the wheels on the scooter.

Even though Vespas were first created right after the second world war, the Vespa SS90 Super Sprint wasn’t designed until 1965. The newer features included things such as a narrower front end, a glove compartment, and a spare wheel incorporated into the step-through frame. Unfortunately, the Vespa SS90 Super Sprint didn’t do nearly as well as its predecessor and it was taken off the market in 1971. And even though the Vespa SS90 Super Sprint didn’t do all that well while it was still available, it still brings in a pretty penny today solely due to the rarity of the piece. Today a Vespa SS90 Super Sprint will cost you $7,000 if you wish to own one. But, you do have to find one first!

The Vespa SS90 Super Sprint

The world's most expensive scooter ever

The most expensive scooter ever