The most expensive computers ever



What are the most expensive computers in the world?

Falcon Northwest seems to have the most expensive computers around. With their large computer base, which includes many Forbes 400 members, price tags are as expensive as between $8,000 and $10,000 for a desktop PC. Then of course, these billionaires desire unique and personal paint, which can include up to 10 layers of glosses and paint increasing the price another $400 to $1,500 for their own custom computers.

This does not mean that all billionaires purchasing these expensive computers however, it does mean that Falcon Northwest is probably the top when it comes to the most expensive computers on the market today.

Falcon Northwest Computer

UPDATE: September 12, 2008

At a time when the cost of desktop computers is decreasing due to the popularity of these machines, there is one model of a desktop computer that will always remain at an untouchable price. However, the big bucks spent on this computer have very little at all to do with the machine but they come mostly from the case that holds the machine.

The Japanese manufacturer, Zeus, has created a desktop computer called Jupiter that comes in a case that is so beautiful there is very little like it on earth – in computer cases or otherwise. This case is made entirely of platinum and the brilliant jewels that have been encrusted onto it sparkle in the shape of different constellations. The machine inside this magnificent case is an Intel 3GHZ E6850 Core 2 Duo CPU, with 2GB of DDR 2 memory. The machine also features a 1TB hard drive, and a dual Blu-Ray/HD DVD drive. To further ensure that the customer is getting the most bang for their very many bucks, the computer also comes with a 24”, 1920 x 1200 native resolution monitor.

The world’s most expensive computer can be picked up for eighty million yen, which is approximately $750,000 USD. For customers who want this fabulous look for a fraction of the price, the computer case is also available in gold instead of platinum, dropping the price to a mere sixty million yen, or $560,000 USD.

Jupiter from Zeus

The most expensive computers ever

The most expensive computers ever

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