The first Bachelor ever


Who was the world's first Bachelor?

The hit television show The Bachelor has just completed its eleventh season. That makes for eleven couples that have participated in competition to be together and eventually found love. Well, they haven’t all actually found love of the ever-lasting kind. In fact, most haven’t. But they have all provided for good entertainment and received their fifteen minutes of fame for doing so. Bachelors and bachelorettes have come and go but it all began with the first bachelor.

Alex Michel was the first bachelor for ABC and he was exactly what every bachelor after him would be – tall, handsome, with a set of ideals for love and life that would not accept anything other than perfection. Alex Michel always had high expectations for himself. He was valedictorian of his graduating class of in high school, president of the student body, and homecoming king. He first received his undergraduate degree from Harvard and then obtained his MBA from Stanford. It’s hard to believe that a man with his credentials and good looks needs to go on television to find love.

But he did find love out of all of the pretty and perfect lady contestants that were vying for his attention. In the end he chose Amanda Marsh. Their relationship flourished for a couple of months but they broke up at about the same time that rumours started flying about how he was still contacting Trista Rehn, who is now Trista Sutter. Trista was the runner-up who faced Amanda Marsh as competition in the final rose ceremony. Things between Alex and Amanda don’t seem to be amicable either as she has been known to question his motive for appearing on the show and has claimed that one can’t find love on television.

Alex is now working in private wealth management but has not left his Bachelor days in the dust. He now appears as a speaker for Corporate Artists, a company that brings celebrities to events to speak. It is at these events where he presents his “Decision-Making Under Pressure: Lessons from Candlelight Dinners Applied to the Corporate Jungle.”

Alex Michel

The first Bachelor ever

The first Bachelor ever

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