The first wife of Donald Trump ever


Who was the first wife of Donald Trump?

Ivana Trump, née Ivana Marie Zelníčková, is the first wife of Donald Trump and although she is his first wife, he was not her first husband. Ivana Trump grew up in Czechoslovakia and had it not been for her heavy interest in skiing, she would have remained there. However, Ivana began to professionally ski and this gave her many opportunities to travel outside of the Communist country. It was during this time that she married George Syrovatka, who had been a longtime friend of Ivana’s but was not at all any kind of romantic interest for her. Both of them realized that the purpose of the marriage was for Ivana to obtain a legal passport so that her country could not determine her to be a defector. Although she married Syrovatka in the early 1970s, she did not move to Canada to be with him until 1975 and in 1976, Ivana Trump (who was then Ivana Zelnickova) divorced George Syrovatka.

Shortly after her divorce from Syrovatka and after having lived in Montreal for two years, Ivana moved to New York so that she could promote the Montreal Olympics. It was there that she met Donald Trump, who was not the mogul we know today but the son of a mogul, Fred Trump, who was a real estate developer. Ivana Zelnickova became the first wife of Donald Trump on April 7, 1077 in a huge, high-society wedding. From there, the Trumps spent the 80s in a flurry of business activity and became very prominent figures as Donald Trump was known for being the mastermind behind such creations as the Grand Hyatt Hotel, the Trump Taj Mahal, and the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue.

During the time they were married, from 1977 – 1992, Donald and Ivana had three children: Donald John, Ivanka Marie, and Eric, respectively. Also during their marriage, Ivana became heavily involved in the Trump Organization. After becoming the Vice President of Design for the company, she almost single-handedly designed the Trump Tower. Just fresh off that project and Donald asked her to step in at the Trump Castle Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City as President. Ivana remained in that role until the end of the 1980s, when she decided that she wanted to leave the business life and spend more time at home with her family. However, The Donald oversaw this decision as well and instead, relocated her to The Plaza Hotel, in New York City, where she worked there as President. It was at The Plaza that Ivana really made her name in the business world as it was for this project that she was named Hotelier of the Year in 1990.

Ivana Trump

The first wife of Donald Trump ever

The first wife of Donald Trump ever

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