Vancouver Canucks Firsts


What were some first of the Vancouver Canucks.

Living in Vancouver and being big hockey fans we though we'd bring you some cool firsts in the history of the Vancouver Canucks. These first are related to the Canucks as an NHL franchise.

First Stanley Cup - Never

The Vancouver Canuck entered the NHL for the 1970 - 71 season and as of yet, have not won the Stanley Cup, however, way back in 1915, before the NHL took control of the Stanley Cup the Vancouver Millionaires did manage to capture the trophy.

First Canucks Season - 1970

The Vancouver Canucks entered the NHL for the 1970 - 71 season along with the Buffalo Sabres, the 13th and 14th teams to join.

First Canucks Captain - 1970

In 1970 the Vancouver Canucks obtained Orland Kurtenbach in the expansion draft and named him the team captain, giving him the honor of being the first ever captain of the Vancouver Canucks.

First Canucks Coach - 1970

The first coach of the Vancouver Canucks was Hal Laycoe who coached them for 2 seasons before being replaced by Vic Stasiuk.

First Canucks Jersey - 1970

Did you notice the "V" on the sleeve?

First Draft Pick - Jun. 11, 1970

On June 9, 1970 the Buffalo Sabres and the Vancouver Canucks participated in the expansion draft. Buffalo had first pick and selected Tom Webster from the Boston Bruins.

The Canucks' first pick was Gary Doak, also from the Boston Bruins.

The NHL Amateur Draft was held on June 11, 1970 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, Quebec. The Canucks selected Dale Tallon of the Toronto Marlboros as their first ever draft pick, #2 overall.

First Canucks Game - Oct. 9, 1970

The Vancouver Canucks played their first game on October 9, 1970 at the Pacific Coliseum against the Los Angeles Kings. They Lost 3 - 1.

First Canucks Goal - Oct. 9, 1970

In their first game on October 9, 1970 the Canucks did manage to score a goal and it came at 2:14 of the third period when Barry Wilkins put one past the Kings netminder Denis DeJordy.

First Canucks Assist - Oct. 9, 1970

When Barry Wilkins scored the first ever Vancouver Canucks goal he had help, Len Lunde was credited with the first assist and Mike Corrigan was credited with the second.

First Canucks Win - Oct. 11, 1970

Just two days after making their NHL debut and recording their first loss the Vancouver Canucks would bounce back and record their first win on October 11, 1970 beating the Toronto Maple Leafs 5-3.

First Hat Trick - Dec. 12, 1970

On December 12, 1970 the Vancouver Canucks defeated the California Golden Seals 5-2. What made this game special was the fact that Orland Kurtenbach netted 3 goals and the first ever Canucks hat trick.

First Shutout - Oct. 27, 1971

On October 27, 1971 the Vancouver Canucks recorded their first ever shutout in a 0-0 tie with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Bernie Parent stopped all 20 Canucks shots while Canuck netminder, Dunc Wilson, stopped 34 Leaf shots.

First Playoff Game - Apr. 13, 1975

It would take the Canucks 5 seasons before they would reach the playoffs for the first time. In the 1974 - 75 season the Canucks would rack up a 38-32-10 record and win the Smythe division title. The canucks would get a bye in the Preliminary Round and would meet the Montreal Canadiens in the Quarterfinals, losing 4 games to 1.

April 13, 1975: VAN 2 MTL 6
April 15, 1975: VAN 2 MTL 1
April 17, 1975: MTL 4 VAN 1
April 19, 1975: MTL 4 VAN 0
April 22, 1975: VAN 4 MTL 5

First Playoff Loss - Apr. 13, 1975

In their first ever post season game, on April 13, 1975, the Vancouver Canucks would record their first playoff loss, losing to the Montreal Canadiens 6-2.

First Playoff Goal - Apr. 13, 1975

In their first ever post season game, on April 13, 1975, Paulin Bordeleau would score at 15:40 of the first period, this would be the first ever playoff goal scored by a Vancouver Canuck.

Chris Oddleifson would be credited with the first assist and John Gould with the second.

First Playoff Win - Apr. 15, 1975

In their second ever post season game, on April 15, 1975, the Vancouver Canucks would record their first playoff win, beating the Montreal Canadiens 2-1.

First Playoff Sweep - Apr. 10, 1982

The Canucks recorded their first ever playoff sweep in 1982 when they knocked out the Calgary Flames in 3 games. This was also the first time they ever won a playoff series.

April 7: Van 5 Cal 3
April 8: Van 2 Cal 1 (OT)
April 10:
Cal 1 Van 3

First Finals Appearance - May 8, 1982

The Canucks first made the Stanley Cup finals in 1982 defeating Calgary, Los Angeles and Chicago. They would meet the New York Islanders, playing the first game of the series on May 8, 1982, losing 5-6 in overtime. The Canucks would go on to lose the series in 4 straight.

May 08: Van. 5 NYI 6 (OT)
May 11: Van. 4 NYI  6
May 13: NYI  3 Van. 0
May 16: NYI  3 Van. 1

First Retired Jersey - Nov. 3, 1991

Just 4 months after retiring on on July 3, 1991 the Vancouver Canucks honored Stan Smyl by retiring his jersey on November 3, 1991.

First Finals Win - May 31, 1994

The Canucks would once again reach the Stanley Cup finals in 1994, defeating Calgary, Dallas and Toronto along the way. Although the lost the series to the NY Rangers in 7 games, in the first game on May 31, 1994 they would get their first ever finals win by beating the Rangers 3-2 in overtime.

May 31: Van. 3 NYR 2 (OT)
June 2: Van. 1 NYR 3
June 4: NYR 5 Van. 1
June 7: NYR 4 Van. 2
June 9: Van. 6 NYR 3
June 11: NYR 1 Van. 4
June 14: Van. 2 NYR 3


First Pay-Per-View - Dec. 31, 1996

What could have been better than watching the Vancouver Canucks play the Philadelphia Flyers on New Years Eve back in 1996?

Maybe watching the Canucks beat the Flyers on New Years Eve, but that didn't happen, they lost 5-3.

What's more important is the fact that the game was the first Canucks pay-per-view game ever broadcast and as a result many people did not even get the chance to watch.


First 4 Game Sweep - Apr. 21, 2009

In 2009 the Vancouver Canucks knocked out the St. Louis Blues in 4 straight games. They completed their first ever 4 game sweep on April 21 by beating the Blues 3-2 in overtime.

April 15: Van 2 Blues 1
April 17: Van 3 Blues 0
April 19: Blues 2 Van 3
April 21:
Blues 2 Van 3 (OT)

More coming soon....

Vancouver Canucks Firsts

Vancouver Canucks Firsts

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