The first Athlete to Earn $1 Billion ever



Wh0 was the world's first athlete to earn $1,000,000,000.00?

We all know just how talented Tiger Woods is. And we’ve all seen him swinging away on the golf course dressed in his Sunday reds, even if we only caught these glimpses by chance. It’s true that Tiger Woods has talent that has not been seen in a very long time. But, ever? According to his earnings, no, we have never seen a talent like this in any athletic sport, not just in golf. The announcement came in July 2008 that by the year 2010, Tiger Woods would be the first athlete to reach the $1 billion mark in earnings. And this coincidentally, is also the largest earnings ever garnered by an athlete.

In just one year in 2007, Tiger Woods earned $115 million, which isn’t even close to runner-up David Beckham, who earned $65 million in the same year. It’s true that much of Tiger’s earnings come from sheer talent alone. When you win 50 tournaments in a very short period of time, and surpass a leading athlete in your same sport, Jack Nicklaus, who had a measly 18 championship wins in comparison, there’s no doubt that there’s talent there. But many of Tiger’s earnings also came from his many, many endorsements. Standing behind names such as Nike, Buick, and Gillette has earned Tiger over $90 million in 2008 alone. And in total, Tiger’s endorsements have landed him more than $750 million. And these endorsements aren’t for nothing for the companies that provide him the opportunities either. Nike Golf made $600 million in sales in 2007 where, before the golf giant started endorsing the company, they didn’t even have a line dedicated to golf clothing and shoes. Combine this with the fact that any time Tiger plays in a competition, that network’s ratings triple.

When Forbes made their announcement that Tiger Woods was to be the first athlete to earn $1 billion dollars by the year 2008, they were very careful to give Tiger the distinction that he deserves. They were sure to separate Tiger from the other billionaires in the world that just happened to play sports as a hobby. And they also ensured that they separated Tiger from business conglomerates such as Bill Gates, who made his fortune not only by being a genius but by also buying shares in a company he believed in and watching that company grow. Tiger, on the other hand, made every dime that he made by either playing the sport he’s so passionate about, or by endorsing companies, lending his name and his voice to their product.

It’s questionable whether the world of golf, or the world of sports for that matter, will ever see another talent such as Tiger Woods. But one thing is not in question. And that’s the fact that Tiger Woods is the first athlete to make $1 billion in earnings.

Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods

The first Athlete to Earn $1 Billion ever

The first Athlete to Earn $1 Billion ever