The first Star Trek Captain ever


Who was the world's first Star Trek Captain?

Think that Captain Kirk was the first captain of the USS Enterprise? He’s definitely the most well-known and many may think that he can lay claim to being the first captain on the original television show, Star Trek. But in fact, not only did William Shatner not portray the first captain in Star Trek, but the captain of the ship wasn’t even Captain Kirk. So who was the first captain of the famous USS Enterprise?

That was Captain Christopher Pike, the captain of the USS Enterprise in the original television show Star Trek. Captain Pike was played by Jeffrey Hunter and he appeared in the pilot episode of Star Trek, called “The Cage.” The pilot was a flop and never made it to air, and when Hunter was approached for the second shooting of the pilot, he no longer held any interest in the part.

Others soon took on the role of Captain Pike. Actors such as Sean Kenney played the part of Pike in The Menagerie, which was the second pilot of the show. However, he was not Captain at the point but rather, the USS Enterprise was now under the command of Captain Kirk. The character becomes even trickier when, during The Menagerie, footage from the original pilot is used, showing Hunter.

In the 2009 movie Star Trek, actor Bruce Greenwood comes forward to take on the role of Christopher Pike. During this movie Pike is trying to convince young Kirk to join Starfleet, and continue as his father would want him to. When Pike is kidnapped at the beginning of the movie, it becomes Kirk’s mission to save both Pike and Earth at the same time. Pike is severely injured at the end of the movie and hands over command of the Enterprise to Kirk.

The audience never really found out too much about Pike’s personal life. It was known that he was from the city of Mojave on Earth and that he had once owned a horse named “Tango.” Although Captain Christopher Pike is recognized as the first captain of the USS Enterprise, the animated Star Trek series mentions Robert April as being the first captain of the USS Enterprise.

Captain Christopher Pike

The first Star Trek Captain ever

The first Star Trek Captain ever