The Queen Mary


The story of The Queen Mary.

Take a cruise on a haunted ship? Does that sound enticing? The Queen Mary has many ghosts that have been reported throughout history by visitors and guests aboard ship.

If all the legends are true, The Queen Mary may be one of the most haunted hotels/museums around. You can now only visit her at dock and not go to sea but you may encounter one of the many ghosts that call her home. Her first voyage was in 1934 and her last was in 1967 with over 1001 crossings over the Atlantic. Many people embarked but several stayed behind because their spirits are left to haunt the last place they were when they died.

Among the many ghosts that you might meet, include:
John Pedder is the most famous ghost, who is seen around D Deck or door number 13 in Shaft Alley. He was crushed to death during a drill by a watertight door on July 10, 1966. Several people have seen him even though the door is no longer there. The door was changed into an escalator during a renovation.
Ball of light can be seen in the first class suite area along with a ghost of a man. The man is wearing a 1930ís suit. A black haired man with a long beard wearing blue overalls can be seen in the engine room nearby the access to the propeller shafts.

Several ghosts have been heard and seen around the first class swimming pool. The legend states that two women and a small died drowned in the pool. The tourist class swimming pool also has a ghost of its own, a woman who drowned in the pool. In the lounge, you might catch the glimpse of the woman wearing a white flowing gown. The Bosunís locker is where you can hear the pounding, no one can explain.

Cabin B340 was closed because of unexplained occurrences. It is believed to be haunted by a person that was murdered.
The morgue of course has its own tales to tell, but only through the ghostly apparitions, whining, and moaning.
The kitchen is also believed to be haunted by a terrible chef that was thrown into the oven and baked alive because of his cooking.

Whether the legends are true or not you can visit The Queen Mary and maybe have a ghost introduce himself or herself. The Queen Mary can be seen at Pier J at the Long Beach Port in California.

The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary

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