Haunts of Brown Mountain


The story of haunts of Brown Mountain.

Many people that visit North Carolina may not think that the Brown Mountains in Burke County is much to look at; however, they are the most famous mountains when it comes to strange occurrences.

Shortly after dark if you are in the vicinity for Linville Gap or Wisemanís Gap on certain nights you will notice luminous lights bouncing up and down for a couple of minutes and then vanishing from that spot and moving to another until they just disappear all together. The first sighting was in 1850, before any one could come up with an explanation such as electricity or a moving train.

The legends vary as to what might be causing these mysterious lights to occur over the Brown Mountains. The first and most popular tale is one of a man that lived on Brown Mountain with his daughter. During evening hours, the girlís boyfriend would come to visit her from the village below. He never missed a night, traveling through the dark night with menacing dangers all around such as wild animals and snakes to his one true love. On the evening that he planned to take her away and to become his wife, she prepared for his return by lighting a pine torch and waiting for him. On this evening, he never arrived. From that day forward until her death, she would light the torch and go in search of her love. Today, it is believed that the lights seen on stormy nights is the girl searching for the man she was to marry so many years ago.

The next tale is about an evil man by the name of Jim. Jim had a very sweet and loving wife by the name of Belinda who was pregnant. Jim found another love for himself by the name of Susie. During his courting with Susie, he became mean and cruel to Belinda. Shortly after Jim met Susie, neighbors noticed that Belinda had not been seen and asked Jim about her welfare, especially with her being pregnant. Jim told everyone that Belinda had gone off to visit relatives; however, many of the neighbors did not believe this story, as there was blood stains on the floor of their mountain cabin. Shortly after noticing the blood on the floor of the cabin, they noticed a poor looking man driving his horse and wagon away from the cabin. Many soon believed that Jim had this stranger help him kill and bury Belinda and he was paying him off for his deadly deed. As the legend goes, the lights began to appear to show searchers where to find her body. Belindaís body was found. Under a pile of stones in a deep ravine, the skull of a woman and a baby was found. Jim left the area shortly after the findings and was never heard from again. The lights remain today as a reminder that no crime goes undiscovered.

Haunts of Brown Mountain

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