The Jamestown underpass


The story of the Jamestown underpass.

Many spooky stories and ghost stories are told of ghost appearing and talking with the living, asking for a ride home, or other strange happenings; however, none is as strange and scary as the one about the Jamestown Underpass just east of Jamestown, North Carolina.

Before there were highways and interstates, many people used the road that had a dip in it just prior to arriving at a tunnel under the train tracks. This was a very popular road that everyone used and is still in use today, but not as often as it once was.

Before the highways, this was the major thoroughfare from Greensboro to Lexington. As it was the best way to travel, a young man left Greensboro during the evening hours to return to his home in Lexington. He had traveled this road on many occasions, but due to the night being a bit foggy, he drove a little slower as he approached the dip and the tunnel ahead. He knew that several wrecks had occurred on this stretch of road throughout the years. He slowed going into the curve and into the tunnel. About half way through the tunnel, his headlight beams caught the white outline of a figure standing just on the other side of the tunnel on the other side of the underpass. He could tell it was a young girl with her hand held up as if in trouble. He quickly put on his brakes to see if he could help.

When he got close to the young girl, he could see that she was dressed in a beautiful white evening dress. He parked the girl close by her and got out of his car to see if he could help. She obviously was in some type of trouble since there was no car in sight; he could not imagine how she got out here on this dark night.

He asked if he could help her and she replied that she needed a ride home and that she lived in High Point. He agreed to take her home and they both got into his car. She sat beside him in the passenger seat and she began to tell her story. She told him she had been at a dance when her and her date had gotten into an argument. She asked him to drop her off at the underpass. She then quit talking. She did not say another word until they reached High Point.

She gave him only directions to her home when they arrived in High Point. He pulled up to her home and parked the car. There were no lights on in the home, so he decided to walk her to the door. He gets out of the car and walks around to open her door. When he opens the door, the beautiful girl is gone!

Wondering if she walked up the steps and into the house that quickly, he decided to knock on the door to be sure she was safe inside the house.

He knocked at the door three times before anyone answered. He was expecting to see the young lady at the door; however, it was an elderly woman with white hair and standing in a robe.

He explained that he had brought a young lady home that he found along the road. The woman asked where he had picked her up at and he explained that it was out by the Jamestown underpass. The lady told him. That it was her daughter, but that she had been killed in an automobile accident five years ago on this exact night, at the underpass and she believes she is still trying to find her way home.

The Jamestown underpass

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