Armboth House


The story of Armboth House.

Armboth House is located in Armboth Fell just above the shoreline of Thirlmere in Cumbria. Many people love visiting this area for its picturesque countryside and awesome shoreline. However, not too many realize that ghosts haunt Armboth House on Halloween night.

If you are in search of a really scary trick or night this Halloween, then a visit to Armboth House should be the first place you visit. The legend is quite grim and the eerie tale lives on to this day.

A family was living in Armboth House with a daughter that about to be wed. As they family and friends were preparing the wedding feast, a man ran into the home to tell the family a dire story. Their daughter had been pushed into the lake and drowned. Several years later after the family moved away and left the house unattended lights began to be seen in the house on Halloween night. Not only were there lights on throughout the house but bells would rings, and preparation sounds of a large meal could be heard, the huge table in the dining area would be set by unseen hands, and a ghostly dog was swimming in the lake. Shortly after the table was set, a faint vision of a bride would walk into the room.

After this legend was told for many years other mysterious happenings were added to the story such as all of the spirits in the area came to enjoy the wedding feast on this spooky night, bodies without heads were seen, an arm without a body and many other strange and eerie apparitions. The noises were not as festive as they were in the first sightings; they became eerie, hellish, and evil.

If your curiosity is now on edge, why not take a trip to Armboth House and see what you encounter.

Armboth House

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