Ghosts of Central Valley


The story of the ghosts of Central Valley.

Central Valley in California has many haunts. Many people travel to California for the beautiful weather, the exquisite wine, and old English Manors, however, among the guests and vacationers that frequent the area there are those that have passed on visiting as well.

A good example is the Castle Air Museum in Atwater. Here vacationers will love seeing the largest collection of aircraft in the US. However, they may not enjoy the likes of Arthur. Arthur or at least his ghost loves the B-29 “Raz, n Hell”. He has been seen sitting in the cockpit, turning lights on and off, and the propellers have began moving even though they are locked in place. As far as anyone can tell, none of these occurrences began until the plane was restored using various parts from three different aircraft.

One person while working on the restoration, asked another worker that he presumed was close by to hand him a wrench. The wrench was placed in his hands, but by unseen hands, his friend was standing outside the building and he was alone.

Another spooky place in Central Valley is the Gaslight Theatre in Denair, California. Here no one has given the name to the ghost as they did at the museum; they seemly refer to him as “the ghost”. One evening, while the lights were off and no one around, an employee was walking down the aisle, when she felt a presence in one of the rows. At first glance, she noticed a man sitting in one of the seats wearing an old-fashioned hat. She looked back again and he was gone.

This presence has been felt by other employees over the years, but no one knows of any reason he could be haunting the theater, only that he is there in the dark watching.

Other notable ghosts are in a canal bank in Keyes, California. Here a ghost lady is seen late at night with a blue glow all around her. As the story goes, it is believed to be the ghost of a woman that died trying to save one of her children that was trapped in an irrigation pipe. However, there is no proof of any death but word of mouth through the generation’s states otherwise.

Ghosts of Central Valley

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