Haunts of Sussex County, Delaware


The story of haunts of Sussex County, Delaware.

Vacationers love flocking to Sussex County, Delaware where the beginning of the United States all began. While they are here, they will enjoy walking in the footsteps of the first town in the first state of the US, which was Lewes. However, unless they talk with the locals they will never hear all the eerie legends of ghosts that remain on this historical soil.

One of the first tales happened on May 15, 1798. Captain James Drew was the captain of the DeBraak a British naval ship that sank at Cape Henlopen on that day. While the captain and his crew were headed toward the cape a huge storm occurred which took the DeBraak to a water death along with many of the crew and Captain James Drew. After the storm subsided, Captain James Drew’s body was recovered and was buried at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Lewes. Many people have said that Captain Drew will rise from his grave and search for his dead crew members.

Bay Oaks in Lewes is a nice and quiet housing development. The residence moved into this new neighborhood with hopes of raising their family in a upper middle class area with serene surroundings, however, they did not expect to live with paranormal activity. Many of the residences have reported seeing objects in their homes and on their lawns, which appear and disappear, cold spots in various places, and orbs or streaks of lights in their homes. This housing development was built where a Dutch community once lived in peace until American Indians attacked and massacred the entire community. Could these apparitions be the souls of the people from the Dutch community?

If you desire a real adventure into the unknown then you must travel to Fiddler’s Hill. You can find this unique spot on Road 227 at Rabbits Ferry just southwest of Lewes. As the legend goes, two men were courting the same woman, which of course is trouble. One of the men had the great idea of scaring away the other admirer by climbing up in a tree and waiting for him to pass by. As soon as the admirer was in his sight, he began to play his fiddle from his hiding spot in the tree. The fiddle music frightened the man and his ox and they took of running from the mysterious music. However, the man hiding in the tree lost his balance when his excitement took over. He fell from the tree and broke his neck. Many residents of this area, say that the fiddler’s ghost comes back often to play his fiddle from the tree in wait for passerby’s.

Haunts of Sussex County, Delaware

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