The story of Alcatraz.

Who hasn’t heard of the infamous escape proof maximum-security prison known as “the Rock”? This prison has been depicted in movies and many tales abound from those that were imprisoned here, worked here, and even today, from tour guides and guests that visit.

In the beginning, Alcatraz was built on a small island in the San Francisco Bay as a fort in 1852. This was the home of many military prisoners during the Civil War; however, in 1933 it became a Federal Prison. Here is where its history and legend really began as being an “escape-proof” prison. Because of it’s design and of course most trusted prison in America it became home to some pretty mean gangsters after they were found guilty of all sorts of crimes. Some of Alcatraz’s famous prisoners included Al Capone, George "Machine Gun" Kelly, Alvin Carpis, and Robert "The Birdman of Alcatraz" Stroud. All together, Alcatraz saw 1,545 inmates before closing its doors on March 21, 1963. Even though Alcatraz was closed, many residents saw fit to stay behind.

Today, as tour guides lead the way, visitors often leave petrified at the sounds and sights behind the walls of “The Rock”. Visitors and tour guides alike have reported horrifying scream in the cell blocks, cell doors will open and slam shut by unseen hands, loud crashes, whispering, and some have even felt the touch of a hand upon their shoulder or arm.

Cell Block C is more than likely the most haunted area at Alcatraz. Not only was it a cell block but it was home to what was commonly referred to as the “The Hole” or the Solitary Confinement Area. Throughout Cell Block C voices can be heard, glowing eyes in the darkness are seen, and at times it is so cold you can see your breath. One tale about a prisoner is about as scary as you will ever hear. A prisoner was found strangulated to death in his cell with weird scratches on his throat. The prisoner had told the guards the previous day that he had seen a dark figure in his cell with glowing eyes. Today, many have this figure, but never alone.

A visit to Alcatraz might be just what you need if you believe you are sleeping too much because once you visit you may find it very hard to sleep at night or to be alone.



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