Fyvie Castle


The story of Fyvie Castle.

If you are making your own list of great haunts to visit then you must add Fyvie Castle in Scotland to that list. Fyvie Castle was built in the early 1200’s and has many unique and exquisite features of that era, however, it also has a dark and mysterious past.

During the early 17th century, the Earl of Sunfermline, Alexander Seton, became owner of Fyvie Castle. The Earl and his wife Lillias Drummond were living here when Alexander began to take a fancy to a young dame that lived close by. Unbeknownst to his wife Lillias, they began to have an affair. Alexander became so obsessed with this younger woman; he locked Lillias away in an upper room of the castle where she literally starved to death. After only a few weeks after the death of wife Lillias, Alexander married Grizel Leslie the woman of his obsession. On their wedding night, they stayed in a room upstairs that was one of Lillias favorite rooms in the entire castle. Throughout the night, both Grizel and Alexander heard scratching sounds, but decided to wait until daylight hours to investigate. With the sunrise, the newly married couple began to look for the origin of those awful scratching sounds. Just outside the window, carved into the windowsill close to the bed were the words “Lillias Drummond”. These mysterious words were facing the outside of the castle on the edge of the window that is over fifty feet above the ground.

Today, you can still see the carvings and wonder, just as others have, how was it possible for someone to have stood on the outside of the castle fifty feet in the air and carve these words? During the 17th century, no type of equipment had been made that could have aided in lifting a person that high or the equipment that would give a person the ability to create the words carved so delicately and exact in a stone castle.

The Green Lady, as Lillias Drummond is now called, roams the castle halls and has often been seen near the main staircase.

Fyvie Castle

Fyvie Castle

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