Glamis Castle


The story of Glamis Castle.

Glamis Castle is located in Scotland close by the village of Glamis, which is around 5 miles west of Forfar.

This eerie castle is one of Scotlandís most haunted locations. Not only is the castle full of different spirits that roam the place, but it also has several hidden chambers that make this place even more spooky.

The stories about one hidden chamber deep in walls of the castle are many; however, the first one will make your hair stand on end. As the tale goes, the Earl was by himself in the chamber when he told his servants to bring him a deck of cards of then ordered them to play cards with him. The servants, since it was Sunday, refused. The Earl became extremely upset and yelled, "I'd play with the Devil himself if he were here!" There was a knock at the door and the Earl answered the knock with "Enter in the fiends name!" The Devil walked right in! Shortly after the Devil began playing cards with the Earl, the servants reported hearing terrifying sounds. As one servant tried to peer in, to check on the Earl, hot searing flames throw him from the door. The legend goes on to say, since that day and to the present, the Earl and the Devil are still playing cards in the hidden chamber.

The White Lady as she is commonly called is believed to be the ghost of Lady Janet Douglas. Lady Douglas was the wife of the sixth lord of Glamis. She was accused of witchcraft by the Monarch James V shortly after the death of her husband. She was placed in a dark dungeon for several years, which made her, go practically blind. From her dungeon imprisonment, she was taken to Edinburgh Castle and burned at the stake. Today, she is seen all over the grounds around Glamis and in the chapel where she has been praying.

One other lady still calls this castle home and has since her death. Over 150 people have seen her, dressed in gray and roaming around the castle. The legend of this ghost is that it is believed to be the spirit of a young maiden that was murdered by the Lord Alexander Earl Crawford and his guards. The tale is that she refused his sexual advances and was murdered.

Sounds of a card game being played, hammering in the nights, footsteps, visions of ghosts, and orbs all have been reported throughout history. Some have legends while some are still wrought in mystery.

Glamis Castle

Glamis Castle

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