Birmingham, Alabama haunts


The story of Birmingham, Alabama haunts.

Birmingham Alabama in the deep south is a pleasant place to visit, however, you may want to steer clear of a few locations that are known to have unseen visitors that you may not wish to meet.

Banks Middle School is one place that you do not wish to attend on Halloween. On all Hallows Eve, doors in the girlís bathroom in the sixth grade area will slam shut while everyone is class and not walking the halls and the intercom will click on by unseen hands. Not only that, but a teacher, who was supposedly driven mad by a troublesome student, took her own life by jumping from the airplane that sits atop the building. Could she be coming back to visit on Halloween?

A visit to the Old Public Library may give you more than just scary books to read if you happen to we the man that first opened the building and items moving around by unseen hands as many other visitors have seen.

During the 1970ís a brutal murder occurred at Parkwood Apartment on 4th Avenue South. Today, in January on the exact day of the murder blood ooze from the upstairs foyer and the smell of burning flesh is very strong. The murderer was never found but many believe it is his ghost that comes back to the scene of the crime even after his death.

Sicard Hollow Road is full of a strange energy that many say they can feel as they drive up and down the road.

Sloss Furnace or Old Iron Plant is where many wonderful concerts are performed, but you may see more than just a concert if you decide to look around the catwalks above the main floor. It has been told that a worker that was killed at the Plant walks the catwalks.

What would ghost stories be like if you do not learn of one around a cemetery? In Birmingham the cemetery happens to be Bass Cemetery which is over 200 years old. This cemetery is now home to many Civil War soldiers and slave. Take a midnight stroll through this cemetery and you may start running in search of a way out sooner than you think when you begin to see apparitions, feeling followed and then the deaden screams that abound.

Birmingham, Alabama haunts

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