Diana of the Dunes


The story of Diana of the Dunes.

This story begins in Chicago, Illinois with a beautiful young lady by the name of the Alice Marble Gray. Alice was born to a very influential couple in Chicago. She was cultured, educated, and traveled to many places with her parents including one of her favorites around Chesterton, Indiana. The area, that she so loved, is now the location of Dunes State Park in Chesterton, Indiana.

There was not really much there when her and her family visited the area just a lot of wooded terrain, but it was a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature.

When Alice became an adult, she worked in Chicago as an editorial secretary for a popular magazine. Alice began having problems with her vision, which was deteriorating, and it made it impossible for her to do her job properly and she moved to the place that she had loved as a child, Chesterton, Indiana. No one knows the reason that she became such a recluse and lived alone in an old abandoned fisherman’s cottage on the Lake Michigan.

In 1915, stories spread before anyone was aware of Alice’s existence on the lake, that fishermen had seen a beautiful nude lady swimming in the lake, this was none other than Alice. Alice loved this area and would often swim in the lake, take walks in the woods, and borrow books from the library. Before long, her nude swimming gave her the title of Diana of the Dunes, since her beauty was compared to that of the ancient Greek goddess Diana.

Alice met a drifter by the name of Paul Wilson in 1920. He had a somewhat shady past and was at the time of their meeting an unemployed boat builder. Alice was very happy or seemed to be in the beginning during the “courting stage” of their relationship. Wilson moved into the cottage with Alice shortly after the couple met.

This is where her story becomes sad. In 1922, the body of a man beaten and burned was found on the beach close by their home. Wilson was suspected to have something to do with the murder. The police questioned him, but did not have enough evidence to hold him and he was released.

After this, Alice and Wilson moved to Michigan City, Indiana. Here they made their living selling the handmade furniture they created and Alice gave birth to two daughters. He was an abusive husband and he would beat Alice terribly and treat her even worse. Alice died shortly after giving birth to her second daughter, the cause of death was uremia poisoning which was complicated by repeated blows to her back and stomach. Wilson disappeared and there is no mention of the daughters after this time.

Today, many have seen Alice again in her favorite place, the beach at Dunes State Park in Chesterton, Indiana. The ghostly figure has been seen running nude on the beach and taking a dip in the chilly waters of Lake Michigan.

Diana of the Dunes

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