eerie tales in Chicago


The story of eerie tales in Chicago.

Chicago may be a large fast moving city but behind the scenes, there are many ghostly apparitions that just dare you to explore.

Here are just a few of the most popular:

The Biograph Theater is haunted or at least the alley behind the theater is. This is where John Dillinger was killed and it has been reported that he can be seen running down the alley away from the theater.

The Givens Castle was built just outside of Chicago in the small town of Beverly. An Irish man by the name of Given built the castle for his wife while she was still living in Ireland. She passed away without ever getting to see the wonderful castle that her husband built for her. Today, many people have seen her walking up the hill that leads to the castle door. Even after death, he gave his wife her castle.

Graceland Cemetery is one of Chicago’s oldest and therefore has many stories. The most popular ghost is that of Inez Clark. She was only seven years old when at a family picnic was struck by lightened and died. Her parents had life size statue created of her and placed at her gravesite. Her image is encased is glass for the world to see their beautiful little girl and to protect it from weather. The legend tells that on rainy nights, her statue disappears but a little girl in her likeness is seen walking the cemetery grounds.

Here goes one of the strangest haunts in Chicago – Harpo, Inc. Today, Harpo is the main studio of Oprah Winfrey. Everyone refuses to stay in the building after dark and there are different stories as to the ghosts that haunt this historic building. The latest is probably closer to the actual facts. In 1915, the Eastland Ship Disaster occurred. During this time in 1915, Harpo Studio was an Armory but was also used as a temporary morgue for the 830 that perished in the shipwreck. Oprah talks about these ghosts and shows no fear!.

eerie tales in Chicago

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