Manchester, New Hampshire haunts


The story of Manchester, New Hampshire haunts.

This quiet little town set in the beautiful New England area is far from quiet if you consider the ghosts that remain haunting various places around town.

The following are the most popular haunts in Manchester:

Hesser College
Many people have reported ghosts at Hesser College. The first on is a spirit of a young boy that loves bouncing his ball on the third and fourth floors. This bouncing ball has gotten the attention of many, but as soon as they near the sound, the boy and the bouncing ball is gone.

Students have told others about creepy blue eyes staring in their windows and the sound of a wet finger running the windows. The legend claims that a girl died of hypothermia while trying to write help on the window.

Others have reported hearing and seeing things on the back stairwell that is close by the administration offices. A lady walks the fifth floor in high heels, which you can hear tap tapping on a wooden floor even though the floor is carpeted. On the fourth floor, the imprint of some little boys can be found in the study lounge.

RG Sullivan Building
At one time, this old cigar factory used children to work long hours to manufacture cigars. You can hear children crying and doors will slam shut by unseen hands.

River Road
Want a really scary Halloween, just drive down River Road at 1:45 am. There you will see a jogger running down the road. Go ahead, get out of your car, and try to talk to him. He does not look like a ghost, but he is! He will not talk to you or even look in your direction; he just keeps jogging along until he vanishes.

Saint Anselm College
In the Alumni Hall or throughout the halls of the fourth floor, do not be afraid if you see a monk wandering he is a permanent ghost resident. The legend claims that he is the ghost of a monk that committed suicide by jumping out of a fourth floor window. You may even see lights flickering in the windows of the fourth floor.

Manchester, New Hampshire haunts

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