Drum Barracks


The story of Drum Barracks.

Drum Barracks is located in Wilmington, California and is the last remaining Civil War military facility in the Los Angeles area even though throughout history it has had many faces.

In the beginning, this area was known as Camp Drum, named after Lt. Colonel Richard Coulter Drum. It was the Union Army headquarters in the Southwest during 1861 through 1871. During 1861 until 1865, it was used for Civil Wary operations.

The barracks was completely built by 1863 and encompassed 60 acres with 22 buildings. From this camp, the troops protected most of the southwestern United States including California, and what is now Arizona and New Mexico for the Union. During the time when troops were at watch, most of this area was territories and Indians, bandits, and Mexicans were some of the major problems not to mention the Rebel soldiers during the Civil War.

The camp closed in 1871, but did remain in operation as a hospital for the next two years. Where the museum building is today, during 1890 was the high school of the Wilmington Township. After this, the building was sold to Thomas F. Keavany. He used the building as a private home and a boarding home.

In 1962, the building was scheduled to be torn down; however, with the help of the citizens of Wilmington wishing to preserve their history the building was saved. Restoration began and in 1987, it was opened to the public as a museum.

Not only does the history live on, but many strange occurrences and ghosts remain as well.

Many of the museum staff members have reported smelling pipe smoke, hearing strange noises, hearing chains being dragged, and footsteps throughout the entire museum. If that is not enough to scare you away them maybe seeing the apparitions of a man, woman, and children will be.

The model room is where many people guests and staff alike have encountered the smell of tobacco, the smell of lavender and violet perfume, heard items being moved around and footsteps approaching them from behind.

Enjoy your tour of the Drum Barracks museum, but keep watch over your shoulder.

Drum Barracks

Drum Barracks

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