Leonis Adobe


The story of Leonis Adobe.

The Leonis Adobe was originally built in 1844 on the site of Calabasas, which still stands today in. The Gabrielino Indians called this area home at one time.

Miguel Leonis remodeled and enlarged the home in 1880. Miguel is a prominent figure in the history of California. He was one of the first pioneers and landowners or settlers in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley.

Miguel Leonis married Espiritu Chijulla who was an Indian widow. Miguel was not a loving husband, treated Espiritu badly, and would even allow her own son, Juan, into his home.

Miguel died in 1889, when his wagon overturned in Cahuenga Pass. The coroner determined that he died of peritonitis three days after the accident.

When he passed away his entire estate was valued at $300,000 however, he only left Espiritu a very small amount. In his will, he did not even mention that she was his wife; in fact, he referred to her as a housekeeper and stated that she was not entitled to his inheritance.

After going to court, Espiritu finally won her claim to half of Miguel’s estate. She lived in Leonis Adobe until she passed away in 1909.

Beginning in 1931, Leonis Adobe changed faces from a private home to a restaurant, then it became a retirement home, and then it was abandoned. Finally, in 1963, Mrs. Catherine S. Beachy purchased the home and began renovations. In 1975, the Leonis Adobe was entered on the National Register of Historical Places.

Those that worked on renovating and guests as well have encountered all kinds of paranormal activity. Noises without explanations, footsteps are heard on the stairs and in the upper floor, ghostly figures have appeared, and even indentations are left on a bed.

Some visitors have felt someone touch them, others have seen Miguel himself standing by the front door, and Espiritu has been seen in her room standing over her trunk of clothing. Yes, the trunk is not really there but can be plainly seen complete with clothing!

Leonis Adobe

Leonis Adobe

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