Tynedale Farm


The story of Tynedale Farm.

The Tynedale Farm is now owned by the Nutter family but has been the described as the root of witchcraft and murder along with the Lower Well Head Farm close by.

The farm itself was built in 1750 even though there was a house on the property even earlier. As the tale is explained, the Pendle Witches or Lancashire Witches and their coven used this farm for many of the meetings. These witches were believed to have been responsible for the murder of 17 people by the way of witchcraft in the area around the Forest of Pendle.

The names of ten witches that were hung for the murders include Alizon Device, Elizabeth Device, James Device, Anne Whittle, alias Chattox, Anne Redferne, Alice Nutter, Katherine Hewitt, John Bulcock, Jane Bulcock and Isobel Robey.

The other three witches of the coven, Elizabeth Southerns alias Demdike died awaiting trial, Jennet Preston was tried and hanged in 1612 and Magaret Pearson was found guilty of witchcraft but not murder and was given a one-year sentence in prison.

The Pendle witches were believed to have sold their souls to devils that appeared to them in human and animal form. During their reign of terror it was believed that they received the power to kill or hurt anyone they pleased for the giving their souls to the spirits.

Today, many have felt and heard all kinds of strange noises and apparitions throughout the farm and the surrounding area. A monk has been seen outside the farm and a hooded figure kneeling by the road just outside the perimeter of the farm has been seen by visitors.

The story about these witches whether true or not has been passed down as historical fact in Lancashire. If you would like to visit be sure that you do not come on any Wiccan festival or Sabbat evening, you may encounter more than you bargain for.

Tynedale Farm

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