Mammoth Cave hauntings


The story of Mammoth Cave.

Mammoth Cave may be one of the most haunted caves ever known. There have been over 150 ghosts reported by many visitors and staff members.

One of the most popular ghost in Mammoth Cave is believed to the ghost of Stephen Bishop. Bishop was a black save that gave tours of the cave in 1838. During this time in history many of the tour guides were slaves, however, Bishop was considered the best guide and several of his maps are still used to this day. He was offered his freedom, however, he knew if he was giving his freedom he would have to leave his beloved cave and he refused. Many people have stated they have seen Bishop in the dark corridors of the cave.

Another popular ghost is Melissa. She was a pretty southern women who fell in love with her Boston tutor. The tutor did not reciprocate the love that Melissa had for him and he fell in love with another woman. Melissa lived in the area, knew Mammoth Cave very well, and led her tutor into the cave. On one occasion meant only as a prank she abandoned him in the cave, however, when she returned to help lead the way he was nowhere to be found. She searched for him for many years even after she was dying of tuberculosis. Today, after death she is still in the cave searching for the love that she lost.

Crystal Cave at one time was believed to be a different cave however, in recent years it was discovered that this cave is also a part of Mammoth Cave, which also has stories to tell. In 1925, a man by the name of Floyd Collins owned Crystal Cave and went exploring. He became trapped under a rock overhang over sixty feet below the surface. The legend explains that he was trapped in the cave for 16 days. His disappearance the hunt was on over the media. Before they could free his body, he died. It is believed that his ghost still haunts Crystal Cave.

Mammoth Cave hauntings

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