Nolichucky River


The story of Nolichucky River.

The Nolichucky River was believed to be a living breathing ribbon of water by the Cherokee Indians and was considered sacred. The Cherokee believed that spirits lived in the depths of the river along with frightening monsters that would rise from the water and consume an entire hunting party.

Today the legend is still very strong among the locals at least the part about the river being a haunted place. Even with all the terrible currents, unexpected holes, and deadly undertows many still desire to take their life in their own hands and swim in the Nolichucky River. Many people die every year and it is believed that the people that are killed by the river arise and walk the shores.

One of the stories is about a fisherman during the 1980ís that waded in a bit too deep and drowned close by the point where the Nolichucky River meets the French Broad River. After he drowned, many have seen the ghost of a man rise from the water and walk across to the bank. After the ghost reached the shore, he would disappear and reappear in the middle of the river again. The ghostly man is described as a man carrying a fishing rod and creel surrounded in a misty white light.

The Devilís Looking Glass is another haunted place along the Nolichucky River. This rock is a sheer rock wall that rises hundred of feet over the river. One legend is that of an Indian woman that jumped off the cliff after losing her husband in battle. The legend states that her ghost haunts the base of the cliff.

About halfway up the Devilís Looking Glass is suppose to be cave. Legend explains that a terrible demon lives in the cave waiting for a canoe to pass under so he can jump onboard.

Nolichucky River

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