Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire



The story of Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire.

Hidden in a dark and eerie wooded valley close to Stroud in Gloucestershire is the haunted Victorian Gothic Woodchester mansion.

Nestled on 400 secluded acres along with the enchanted woodlands shelter the mansion and it five man made lakes on the acreage. The mansion was abandoned 1868 by its builders and stands today the same as that time. In 1989, a trust was founded to save the building and today it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area.

When you first walk up to the mansion you may wish to run the other way before you hear of all the ghosts that call this mansion home. The large and scary gargoyles stare down upon you and evil owls guard the courtyard.

The Woodchester Mansion is home to many legends that feed the fear of those that wish to visit. Some of the ghosts that you might happen to meet include an angel, which haunts the fifth lake, also known as Middle pond, a Roman centurion who guards the gate on the south road, a ragged dwarf, a headless horseman, a floating coffin, a Black Dog, a spectral figure of a man in his nightshirt.

The Middle Pond has been the most talked about when it comes to eerie ghostly sightings and many people have lost their life while visiting this lake. One such story occurred in the spring of 1944, when United States Soldiers were stationed at the Mansion. A pontoon bridge across the fifth lake collapsed under the weight of armored vehicles and over 20 soldiers were killed. On the night before the disaster, two soldiers saw an angel hover above where the men would drown.

The Institute of Paranormal Research has studied the Woodchester mansion and in their report they included such activities as the smell of candles in the disused chapel; a small standing man seen appearing in doorways; stones hurtling across rooms; an unknown 'tall man' floating along the main corridor; a maid seen in the scullery, singing a song; a self-starting clock and the bodies of dead servicemen.

Woodchester Mansion

Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire

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