Haunted Hotels


Haunted Hotels in America.

Throughout America, there are still a few historical hotels to add to your vacation list, but if you really want to have an exciting vacation, you could always visit the various haunted hotels in the nation.

Some of the hotels may not have much of a story but the locals can sure tell you of the sight and sounds that have occurred throughout history.

The list of haunted hotels include the Bullock Hotel in Texas White House in Fort Worth, Texas, The Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, The Equinox in Manchester Village in Vermont, The Brass Lantern in Stowe, Vermont, The White House Inn of Wilmington in Wilmington, Vermont, Edgewood Plantation in Charles City, Virginia, Wayside Inn in Middleton, Virginia, Thornewood Castle in Tacoma, Washington, Renaissance Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C, Hay Adams Hotel in Washington D.C., and The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Radisson Ben Lomond Suite Hotel in Ogden, Utah is another haunted lighthouse in which a woman haunts. Many guests have smelled her lilac perfume in the hallways and elevators.

Maybe the most famous ghost that resides in a lighthouse is that of Deadwood, South Dakota sheriff, Seth Bullock. Seth was the first sheriff of Deadwood way back in the 1870’s. He died in Deadwood in 1919; however, his body was never laid to rest. He was one of the toughest sheriff’s of the old west and many claimed he had a gaze that could stop any fight. Today, Seth has become a permanent resident of the Bullock Hotel in South Dakota. Several guests, staff, and managers have seen Seth around the hotel.

Plan your vacation, take your camera, voice recorder, and book a nights stay at some of the most haunted hotels across America. Who knows, you may actually get a great snap shot of Seth or one of the other many ghosts of America’s past.

Haunted Hotels

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