St. Louis, Missouri Hauntings


Some hauntings in St. Louis, Missouri.

A visit to St. Louis can be more exciting than you could ever imagine especially if you enjoy ghost tales. Ghost stories abound in St. Louis and date back as early as 1870’s. Many people believe that St. Louis is the most haunted city in the nation.

One such story in 1876 begins when a salesman from Boston was visiting his parents in St. Louis. He was spending the night at the Old Pacific House Hotel when in the middle of the night he was awaken by a ghost that appeared to be that of his sister. The details on her face were very clear even down to a scratch on her face. The next morning, he was still very nervous about the evening visit of his sister that had passed away during a cholera epidemic that he told about the event to his mother. His mother began to cry and explained that when his sister had passed away and she was preparing her body for the funeral, she accidentally scratched her face and then covered it with make-up. No one knew this had occurred except for her and of course his sister.

Many ghost stories are told about the numerous caves that honeycomb underground the city. One of the caves, English Cave, has a Native American man and woman as permanent residents. As the legend goes, both starved to death in the cave. The area in which you may encounter the crying woman and unseen strangers speaking in a strange dialect is around Benton Park at Jefferson Avenue and Arsenal Street.

At one time, the Edgewood Children’s Center was known as the St. Louis Protestant Orphan Asylum. If you talk to anyone in the Webster Groves area they call give you many stories of the ghostly children that play on the lawns, appear and disappear in the Rock House, and even of one sad little girl that is often seen playing alone near an old cottonwood tree as evening approaches.

These are only three separately stories of the paranormal activity around St. Louis. If you talk with the locals there are several caves, buildings, and yes, hotels that have permanent unseen guests.

St. Louis, Missouri Hauntings

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