The Lemp Mansion


The story of the Lemp Mansion.

The Lemp Mansion may be a great place to visit for trick or treating when they use the mansion for a spooky haunted house, however, the mansion is known for being one of the most haunted buildings in all of St. Louis.

What you may not know as you enter the spook house on the Halloween is that there are true ghosts hanging around this mansion. The history of this mansion tells it all.

The Lemp family owned and operated the Lemp Brewery, which was as large as ten city blocks and was of course the largest brewery in St. Louis until the time of prohibition. No one knows exactly what caused the demise of the Lemp Brewery it is one of those unknown mysteries.

The very first strange occurrence in the Lemp family was the death of the Frederick Lemp, the favorite son and heir of William. He died mysteriously in 1901. William grieved for three years before he committed suicide in the bedroom with a gun to his head. Over the course of time, there have been four suicides in the Lemp Mansion.

Strange happenings have plagued visitors, guests, and staff members throughout history. One such event is that of a painter that began to feel someone was watching him while he was working on restoring the ceilings alone in the mansion. Out of nowhere someone called his name and that was it, he left in a flash without giving himself time to clean his equipment.

Another tale is one of a waitress, who arrived early and noticed a customer sitting alone at one of the tables. She began to walk up to him to see if she could help him but when she got within a few feet, he disappeared.

If you have the nerve, you can visit the Lemp Mansion since today it is famous for its delectable food served at the restaurant, a dinner theater, and a bed and breakfast. Just do not be too surprised if you find yourself dining with a ghost or awaken in the middle of the night by unwanted visitors.

The Lemp Mansion

The Lemp Mansion

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