Hell House


The story of Hell House.

Hell House or at least the place it once stood can be found in Ellicott City, Maryland. Hell House is commonly referred to as the Creepy College.

The ground itself was considered to be drenched in blood from the Civil War and everyone told the owner about this. He had dreams of building a high society debutante’s school for his wife, who was a teacher, but many of the locals expressed their concerns and he ignored all their warnings. On the land, he built St. Mary’s College.

The years passed and the owner of the school and his wife had a beautiful daughter born in which they named Agatha. She grew up in the school and was known to be one of the most beautiful girls in the area. Her parents loved her and enjoyed watching her grow. At the age of 16 when Aggie was ready, to have her coming out party she began to hear voices, not just any voices, but voices of malice and malevolence. She told her mother who became worried that her daughter may be coming down with dimensia. She called the doctor, who came to visit and gave her a complete good bill of health. The voices did not stop. The night of the party, Aggie’s mom went into her room to help her daughter get ready for the wonderful evening they had planned. When she entered the room, she found Aggie lying on the floor dead. A large vanity mirror had crushed her skull.

After, Aggie’s death, her mom could not overcome the depression that she felt. She often roamed the hallways in search of her departed daughter. Many of the girls that lived at the school would see her often with the ghost of Aggie walking by her side. One evening, Aggie’s father awoke in the middle of the night to find that his wife was in the bed. He went in search only to find his wife hanging from the rope that rang the bell in the bell tower.

After this, he closed the school. Within a short time, he died of tuberculoses. In his will, he left the school to a convent to atone for his sins by not adhering to the warnings so many years before.

Hell House

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