Cato the Witch


The story of Cato the Witch.

A legend is heard around Carmi, Illinois, which is close by Indian Shoals about a Cato the Witch.

Across the river from Indian Shoals, many people years ago would hear strange sounds coming from the rocks. Back during this time, you could see parts of an old house. Even prior to this time in this house lived an old woman that every one knew as Cato the Witch.

People that knew Cato the Witch knew that believed in ghosts and that she told stories of seeing the ghosts or apparitions of dead Indians that would come and visit the mounds.

As the legend goes, ghosts would come to visit Cato and bring with them her relatives that had passed on. The ghosts would bring her messages from the spirit world is what many of her neighbors thought.

Even though Cato gave birth to many boys, they did not have any love for their mother and went wild. They left her alone to die.

The spirits visited her when her time to die was drawing near and she decided to leave a will. When she passed away, every word that she had written was followed by the letter.

In her will, her wishes were that the lid to her coffin not be nailed or screwed down and that she would be buried only 3 feet deep because she wanted to be able to appear to her children and warn them about their evil ways.

Her close family besides her children, compiled with her wishes and she was buried close by the road where she and had lived and died.

Before long, travelers passing by her old home heard strange sounds and unearthly apparitions. Since she had predicted to visit her children, they became frightened and left the area. A few of her descendants still live in the area, but none of her children.

The exact location of her shallow grave is not known. However, if you happen to pass by the home of Cato the Witch that once stood here, be sure that you do not any evil intentions as she will be sure to let you know to change her ways.

Cato the Witch

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