Robeson's Hills


The story of Robeson's Hills.

A visit to the Robesonís Hills across the Wabash River from Vincennes, Indiana may prove too much for those with a faint heart.

You may have to search a bit for this quiet, deep, ravine where the river road once opened up to the Wabash River and commonly referred to as ďDark HollowĒ. Here many people love the fragrance of the woods, the beauty of the river, and the cool breeze however; it is also quite a scary place to visit. Today, at the end of the River Road you will find Red Skelton Bridge.

As the legend goes, several years ago a Frenchman that lived up river from Vincennes was headed there to attend church on Holy Thursday. He was alone with only his horse. He was a very devote religious man that never missed a Holy day and traveled even with the fear of Indians on the path. Many people would not travel alone because of the Indian attacks that were going on.

When he came near the hills, he came upon a band of Twightwee Indians. They grabbed the man, dragged him into the hollow, and cut off his head. The Indians knew this was a God fearing man and after the cut off his head were too afraid to scalp him. Watching the horrible scene scared the manís horse, which ran over the hill into the deep hollow. To the astonishment of the Indians, the manís head rolled after the horse and fell into the deep dark hollow.

A few weeks later, hunters discovered his horse and headless body. They took the horse with them; however, they left his rotting corpse for the animals to devour.

The legend says that on Holy Thursday nights if it is a stormy night, the Frenchmanís head rolls along with the loud booming sounds of thunder and the horrifying screams of the Indians.

If you wish to visit, you will have to cross the Red Skelton Bridge on Route 50, and then once you cross, go right and park. Follow a drainage ditch to the bottom of the ravine.

If you love a quiet walk or a romantic picnic far away from the world, this would be a great location. However, if a storm is looming, you should stay clear. The Frenchman might wish to join you or at least his rolling head.

Robeson's Hills

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