Ghosts in Russia


Ghosts in Russia.

There are two major places in Russia that you hear of when you begin talking of ghosts the Kremlin and St. Petersburg.

Many of heard of the Kremlin but no many know of the ghosts that haunt the area. On the walls of Konstantino-Eleniskaya tower, which at one time was a torture chamber during the XVII century, a red spot appears.

In Komendantskaya tower it is told that, a very pale and unkept lady can be seen holding a gun in her hands. This is the ghost of Fanny Kaplan that tried to kill Lenin. She was executed.

Ivan the Terrible has been seen walking the bell tower that has his name.

Along the Kremlin wall, it is said that Czar Dmitry Pretender walks. He was last seen in August 1991.

Chief Ezhov, Stalin’s, special services chief has been seen many times walking around the Patriarch Chambers where his apartment once was.

Many other eerie figures have been seen in various places all over the Kremlin.

St. Petersburg has a few of its own ghosts as well such as on Troitskaya Square close to Peter the Great’s house it is told that an invisible little lady lives here.

Emperor Pavel I was murdered in Mikhailovksy Castle and still resides there.

At the Academy of Arts, architect Kokorin is often heard on cold nights knocking at the gates and yelling “It’s me, sculptor Kozlovsky from Smolenskoe cemetery, I got wet and frozen in my grave…open the door!”

At Isakievsky Cathedral, you will find the ghost of architect Monferran.

A young lady by the name of Shishiga is still walking on the Lieutenant Schmidt’s bridge talking telling everyone that will listen to her problems.

Close to Petropavlovskaya Fortress, the princess Tarakanova is on the bank of the Neva River crying.

Sofia Perovskaya is probably the most famous ghost of all. She was a member of the Socialist Revolutionary party and conducted assassinations of czars and other government officials. It is told that on a dreary day in March, a young lady will appear on the bridge of Ekaterininsky Channel. As you stare at her, her face will turn blue as if being suffocated; you will also see a trace of a purple rope around her neck, and a white handkerchief in her hand as she signals for the bombers to attack.

Ghosts in Russia

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