Tunnelton Bridge


The story of Tunnelton Bridge.

Tunnelton Bridge is a bit hard to find if you are not familiar with the area. Southern Indiana is a grand place covered in woods. There is a very small town by the name of Tunnelton, which is close to the town of Medora, which is also very small. The bridge is not so much a bridge as it is a train tunnel over the river. Instead, in the tunnel you will find cubby holes created in the side of the walls. Many teenagers throughout the area have parties here and the tales abound about the various scary happenings that have occurred here. Not only is a great place for scary tales, but if you are brave you may wish to be in the tunnel when a train comes by, however, be sure that you are completely inside one of the cubby holes as the suction of the train can draw you toward your doom.

There are two tales about the Tunnelton Bridge, one of an elderly man that could not make it to a cubbyhole and was killed. He did not have time to crawl into a cubby hole and that was his demise. The other tale is of a young girl that was playing in the tunnel when the train passed by. The little girl was unable to crawl into a cubby hole and the train ran over her.

Many say that if you are in the tunnel at the time a train is coming you will see the lantern of the elderly man trying to foretell your future. However, others have seen the little girl playing nearby the entrance and in the tunnel even when no train is nearby.

If you happen to visit and are brave, you can sit by the tracks and wait to meet what ghosts lay in the tunnel. Just talk to some of the locals in Tunnelton, they have many stories to tell of the ghosts of Tunnelton Bridge.

Tunnelton Bridge

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