Biloxi, Mississippi


The story of Biloxi, Mississippi.

Biloxi is known for its unique location on the gulf coast of Mississippi. It is a tourist destination with casinos as one of the top destinations. However, behind all the glamour Biloxi has a few secrets left untold. Ghosts of days gone by can be found at the Biloxi Regional Hospital, the Keesler Air Force Base, and the Marine Resource Center.

When the Biloxi Regional Hospital was open many patients on the death bed reported seeing young girls at the end of their beds. Others saw a tall white apparition pass through the dispatcher area. While this ghost was passing by people reported the temperature dropped considerably. Not only did many staff members and patients alike see these apparitions but many would hear locked doors opening and then slamming shut throughout the night.

The Keesler Air Force Base has two haunted areas which include the 334th training squadron and the 338th training squadron. An airman hung himself in one of the wings of the 334th training squadron. For awhile the wing was closed due to less students, however, once the wing was reopened strange things began to occur. Here is where the male dormitories were for the new students. When going down the hall the lights would flicker and the hallway would become extremely cold. Two airmen that knew nothing of the story of the hanging were given the room as their sleeping quarters. The bed on the right side of the room is where the airman was found that hung himself. Strange things started occurring to the student in this bed. His roommate would wake up with him standing over his bed, another night he could barely breath and when he woke up his streets were wrapped tightly around his neck. After these incidents, the wing was closed down and an exorcism was performed. The area was no longer used and within a couple of years this area was torn down.

In the female wing of the 338th Training Squadron there are two known spirits. One is of a very angry man that shouts at female students to get out of “him air force.” Another ghost is young man believed to be around 18 years of age, they called him Jeremy. He would play pranks such as opening windows and placing items inside locked lockers.

At the Marine Resource Center in Biloxi there is a female ghost that roams around on the third floor, some have actually seen her materialize.

Biloxi, Mississippi

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