Minnick Manor


The story of Minnick Manor.

Today everyone calls the manor, Minnick Manor because of the owners Glenn Minnick and Adrian Castillo. In the beginning, the land was owned by Stephen VanRensselaer. The house itself was not built until 1803 after VanRensselaer sold the land.

The new owners are the 13th owners of the home and have been the proud owners for several years. When they first purchased the home, they began renovating and noticed strange occurrences. On their very first night, they heard footsteps and the laughter of children.

The house is rather large which has a kitchen, many bathrooms, four bedrooms, an office, sitting room, dining room, laundry room, an attic and basement. Outside the house there is an old barn and a newer barn. A portion of the newer barn had been used at one time as a slaughter house. Behind the house are a pool and a pet cemetery and a very strange area that has a circle of trees where no grass will grow.

Another strange thing that occurred when they first began living in the manor was that at sharply 3am every morning the radio would begin playing Mozart. The radio was not on a classical music station and neither of them had any tapes of Mozart.

Spooky, their cat, knew something was strange as when he heard he music playing his hair would stand on end and so would he all the way up on his haunches. Spooky did the same repeated stand often when he would look into the dining room and then run and hide under the couch or on someone’s lap as if something was chasing him.

Friends will not come over to parties and stay for long, their explanation is that there are too many invisible guests to enjoy their stay.

As far as anyone knows the only report of a death is of a lady dying sometime in the history of the place, no known cause of death or other information has been explained.

Minnick Manor

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