Evert Van Wickle House


The story of the Van Wickle house.

Not only is the Evert Van Wickle House spooky but even the narrow curvy road to reach the house can be quite eerie. The home was built in 1752 prior to the Revolutionary War. Today, the home in Franklin Township in New Jersey has been fully restored however; the ghosts of the past remain ever so present.

The home was built as a wedding present for Evert and Cornelia Van Wickle, however, they both died on the March 3, 1757 at a young age. They are buried on a hill under some trees on the property. The home was privately owned until it was purchased by Franklin Township officials to restore the entire home and property for a historical site. On the grounds is also a Revolutionary War era cemetery.

As the story goes, a couple purchased the home in 1975. They lived here from 1975 until 1978. They rented the second floor out to others while living in the first floor. The thoughts of living out a quiet and peaceful life in this beautiful home was only a dream when they soon learned they were not living in this home alone.

Strange things began to occur such as one day the lady of the house was sitting in the living room when she got up to go get something, when she returned the chair had a puddle of water on it. The water came from nowhere.  Anther incident was when a doily flew off the arm of a chair and almost slapped the lady of the house in the head.

The cat and dog acted even stranger with the dog acting overly excited and wagging his tail while looking at the ceiling, but the cat sat hissing while staring along with the dog.

The radio would turn on by itself, doors would slam shut, and misty figures appearing at the foot of the bed were among some of the strange and unusual happenings.

After the Franklin Township purchased the home, they had a couple move in as caretakers. However, they witnessed strange happenings as well such as knocking at the front door late at night by unseen hands, items would be moved from one place to another or would vanish totally, lights would be turned off by themselves, noises would be heard in the attic, and the ghost of a middle aged lady would appear at the foot of their bed. 

The Van Wickle House

Evert Van Wickle House

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