Monaghan Hall


The story of Monaghan Hall.

Monaghan Hall can be found on the campus of Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. It is a private school that was founded and managed by the Jesuits.

In the beginning, James Monaghan built the mansion in 1898 as his private home. He lived here in the three-story mansion with a turret and a wide porch that circles practically all of the mansion, until he sold it to Gonzaga University in 1942.

Many people when they first get a glance at the university believe it resembles something out of a horror movie such as a Alfred Hitchcock or Vincent Price might be envision.

Monaghan Hall is the home of the Music Conservatory. This is where all the music classroom, practice room, and the professor’s offices are today.

Some of the students were so afraid of the footsteps they would hear when no one was walking around that Father Leedale decided to sleep in his office on a roll away bed.

Spooky occurrences:

Father Leedale went to unlock a classroom door, when all of a sudden the door flew open all by itself by forceful unseen hands.

A housekeeper in Morghan Hall heard organ music coming from the locked organ room. Believing someone was in there playing the organ; she unlocked the door and turned on the light. She saw the organ keys moving in unison to the melody she was hearing, however, there was no one sitting at the organ.
A few months after the incident with the housekeeper, Father Leedale heard a flutist outside his studio door. He looked out into the hall, the music stopped, and no one was in the hall. He later talked with the housekeeper to learn that the melody he heard was the same melody she heard coming from the organ room.

Father Leedale and a student heard a growling noise coming from the basement. When they went to investigate the sound was coming from a locked storage room. They unlocked the door and could not find anything that could make the noise.

An exorcism was performed on February 24, 1975 and there have been no incidents of eerie music, footsteps, or any other unseen presence causing disturbances.

Monaghan Hall

Monaghan Hall

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