Mount Marty College


The story of Mount Marty College.

Mount Marty College is located on the banks of the Missouri River around 65 miles northwest of South Sioux City, in Yankton, South Dakota.

The area of Yankton has a long history starting back as far as the Lewis and Clark expeditions; a matter of fact, the town was built on the Lewis and Clark trail.

If you love history and an eerie tale or two then you must visit Mount Marty College. Here you will love to tour the old historical buildings and maybe run into a ghost or maybe more.

During the building of Mount Marty College, one of the workers fell to his death. Many have felt his presence as he turns on the shower, turns on the water fountains, and creeps around leaving only footsteps and eerie shadows behind.

In the Corbey Residence Hall, a young girl disappeared while attending school here. It has been said that she is often still seen riding up and down the elevator. Some have felt her presence in the elevator and on the floor where the elevator stops.

In Whitby Hall, you may get a glimpse of person dressed in gray polyester pants as many students have. Some students have complained of ghosts walking in their rooms wearing hard hats and blue suits as well. An all white entity is often seen standing back in the corner of some of the rooms, maybe watching over the students. Room 200 was closed for the longest time because of the ghost that resides there. Even if all the lights are on in the room, light never touches the door. It is as if a dark shadow is covering the door.

In the Dakota Hall, there is a lone ghost of a boy that hung himself so many years before. A dorm mother caught the boy visiting one of the girls in her room. She locked the boy in the attic where he hung himself out of fear of being expelled.

Many other locations throughout the school have seen tragic deaths and suicides so know wonder there are ghosts seen in every hall of Mount Marty College.

Mount Marty College

Mount Marty College

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