The Palatine Ghost of Block Island



The story of the Palatine Ghost of Block Island.

During the winter of 1750, the Palatine had a complete full hull of merchandise that was to be delivered to the American Colonies along with many passengers headed for the New World.

The sky did not predict any type of ill weather and all was on course for a peaceful ride upon the Atlantic Ocean, even though everyone knew that storms in the Atlantic held many devils if you happen to get caught in one.

Before the passengers or crew knew anything, one small storm hit. Everyone survived, however, the passengers knew something was afoot as the captain and the crew was not seeing eye to eye. Now, more storms came and went while the passengers slept through the night. The awoke the next morning after a few storms had hit them without any damage and all the danger of the storms had subsided for the time being to find the captain dead. The captain had been murdered by his own crew and the passengers were now prisoners! The following days on the open seas, brought hunger and ill content, the sailors would not allow the passengers a drink of water or food unless they gave large amounts of money.

After a few days of this treatment, the passengers awoke to find themselves alone without any sailors to man the Palatine. The entire crew had taken all their valuables, food, and anything else they could carry and left the ship. The passengers could do nothing but hold on and pray for their safety as more and more devastating storms tossed the Palatine over the waves.

Finally, the Palatine came to rest at Block Island off the coast of Rhode Island. The people that lived on Block Island braved the storm and rescued everyone from the Palatine. They then set the Palatine on fire so the shop would not cause any danger to other ships that might be passing the same way. As the ship began to burn, they heard a wild and terrifying scream coming from the Palatine. A woman that was aboard the ship had been confined in a locked room since she had gone mad during the voyage. With all the confusion, hunger, and fear of the passengers they had forgotten she was on board.

From that day forward, the Palatine appears off the shore, wrecks on the shoreline and starts to burn before everyone watching.

The Palatine Ghost of Block Island

The Palatine Ghost of Block Island

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