The Hospitable Ghosts


The story of the hospitable ghosts.

Around Troy and Albany, New York, there is a ghostly tale. The story begins with a couple coming home from a trip to New England. They were driving along in their carriage when the light began to fail somewhere around Spiegletown. They knew they would have to find shelter for the night but had no idea where to go since there were no towns close by.

The man noticed a faint light through the trees and turned the carriage onto a very small lane that headed up a hill. There on the hill stood a small and quiet looking home. An old woman and man met the couple at the door. They were in their night clothing and were more than likely ready to retire for the evening. The old couple welcomed them in and offered them a room for the night. The old woman headed into the kitchen and prepared cakes and tea. After the snack, the couple was shown to their room. The younger man offered to pay the old couple for their hospitality but the couple refused.

The next morning, the couple quietly got up and left a fifty-cent piece on the kitchen table. They went to the carriage and rode to the town of Spiegletown. Here they stopped at a restaurant. While there, they mentioned the old couple that had taken them in for the night. The owner of the restaurant was quite interested in the whereabouts of the house. The man explained where he and his wife and stopped for the evening. The owner of the restaurant was disturbed and explained that they must be mistaken; the house had burned down three years before along with the owners of the home. The young couple said that the restaurant owner had to be wrong because Mr. and Mrs. Brown were quite alive and well and the house was still there.

After a few more minutes of debating, the restaurant owner and the couple drove back to the lane where the house was suppose to be but once they were there nothing of the home was there except a shell of the home that once existed. On the center of the kitchen table shining brightly was the fifty-cent piece they had left behind for the couple’s hospitality.

The Hospitable Ghosts

The Hospitable Ghosts

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